Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 / + Leica DG Vario-Elmarit 12-60 mm f2.8-4 ASPH.


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Purchase this item and get 5569-8349 Points - a worth of RM55.69-RM83.49
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The Panasonic Lumix G9 is a camera you can always rely on. With Dual I.S. image stabilizer, autofocus at top speed, huge 0.83x OLED viewfinder or 6K function, it leaves nothing to be desired.


The G9 beats the competition in several disciplines

Thanks to the dual stabilization, it allows up to 6.5 stops longer exposures. The fast Hybrid AF system (DFD) achieves the world’s best shutter release delay of only 0.04 s. Continuous shots can be taken in full resolution at 20 frames per second including autofocus tracking (!). In addition, the OLED viewfinder is the largest in its class with 0.83x magnification (KB).

Its 4K 60P video capability and 6K photos break conventional boundaries. The viewfinder operates at 120 hz and can record blackout-free continuous shooting. Up to 60 fps continuous shooting including RAW is possible, as well as 80MP shooting in highresolution shot. The battery can be charged via USB if there is no power outlet available.

Magnesium body and 200k releases

The magnesium alloy makes the body both lightweight and strong. Durable and robust in a compact body.

Superior image quality

20MP sensor without low-pass filter, 80MP high resolution shot, Venus Engine 10

Best image stabilizer

Double stabilization: 6.5 time steps longer exposure possible

Professional speed

World’s fastest autofocus 0.04 s, world’s fastest AFC series: 20 fps

Best overview

Class largest viewfinder 0.83x (KB), largest shoulder display

4K & 6K continuous shooting

4K at 60 fps / 6K at 30 fps, Post Focus & Focus Stacking

Rugged design

Magnesium body, freeze proof down to – 10C for extra tough winter sports conditions. Dust/Splash seals protect against splashing water in humid environments as well as

ingress of dust and dirt on a photo safari, 2 SD slots, Joystick

Panasonic Lumix G Vario Leica 12-60mm f2.8-4.0 OIS (H-ES12060)

Capturing the beauty of your surroundings

This 12-60mm lens offers flexible cropping from landscape shots to beautiful 60mm medium telephoto portraits. The impressive resolution of this LEICA DG lens allows for clear quality representations throughout the frame.

Thanks to its robust construction, this practical, high-quality lens offers the greatest reliability even in difficult weather conditions and masters every challenge.

Leica DG lens for the highest demands

Choose a LEICA DG lens with ultimate optical quality and performance. Naturally, the lenses meet the strictest quality standards. Thanks to the sophisticated technology that goes into these lenses, your photos will be razor sharp, even in the peripheral areas. At the same time, distortions of any kind that are common in wide-angle photography are avoided, so that images can be reproduced with precision and detail. These are optimal conditions for first-class images without reflections and scattering losses.

Optical Image Stabilizer O.I.S for extremely sharp photos

Capture subjects in a particularly uncomplicated and spontaneous way. The optical image stabilization of the Lumix G lenses helps you do just that. It quickly compensates for small blips and camera shake that can easily occur during photography. Camera shake and vibrations are effectively compensated for during shooting. This makes it possible to take pictures entirely without a tripod.

Nano Surface Coating for Clarity without Light Reflections

Minimize unwanted light reflections thanks to Nano Surface Coating. This special ultra-thin coating was developed by Panasonic to reduce annoying light reflections across the entire range of the light spectrum. The result is crystal clear images, even when shooting light sources in the dark.

Optimized for perfect video

Many Lumix G lenses are optimized for video designation. In addition to the trouble-free changing of the aperture setting, without the need to change the exposure, the noiseless Zoomfocusing is particularly convincing, for optimal audio recordings.



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