Kiloview CUBE R1 9-Channel NDI Recorder System BH


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The CUBE R1 9-Channel NDI Recorder System from Kiloview multichannel NDI video recorder with a built-in 5.5″ touchscreen display. It supports up to 9-channel recording up to UHD 4K60, ensures synchronized recording, and offers single, four, and nine-source views. Dual, hot-swappable SSD slots enable the CUBE R1 to offer nonstop recording and dual Ethernet connections ensure reliable data bandwidth.

Up to 9-Channel NDI Recording
Ideal for broadcast, medical, video conferencing, and large screen applications, the CUBE R1 can simultaneously record up to 9 channels of NDI sources at rates up to UHD 4K60 and offers synchronized 1/4/9 video preview grids. Dual 10GbE network ports ensure reliable data bandwidth while cooling fans and redundant power supplies ensure uninterrupted operation.
Dual SSD Slots
The dual, hot-swappable SSD slots enable nonstop recording, are compatible with all current types of NVMe SSDs, and feature a safety lock switch. A USB-C interface enables you to further expand your storage options.
Synchronized Recording
The CUBE R1 supports a self-defined NTP server, ensuring that all the NDI sources are recorded in synchronized status and supports easy, 1-click recording.
Multiview Layouts
Source view options include 1, 4, and 9 multiview layouts with selectable VU meters, audio levels, tally status, current bitrate, sync status, and source names. Video and audio sources can be freely labeled for quick identification while recording.
Safety Features
The CUBE R1 records your videos continuously, correctly, completely, and independently of your camera. Recording progresses automatically once a file is full and an automatic system locking requires double confirmation to unlock and pause recording.
Touchscreen LCD
The integrated 5.5″ touchscreen LCD enables users to check the status of Disk Storage, CPU, Temperature, Bandwidth, and other crucial parameters that might affect the recording quality and process.
Fixed Length or Size Recording
The CUBE R1 offers the choice of saving the recording files in a fixed time length or a fixed file size. Once a file becomes full, this unit will immediately record it to the next file automatically, eliminating worries about losing frames.



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