Hollyland Mars M1 Enhanced 5.5″ Wireless Transceiver Monitor


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Transmit, receive, and monitor high-quality wireless video transmissions using this compact Mars M1 Enhanced 5.5″ Wireless Transceiver Monitor Kit from Hollyland. This kit includes two Mars M1 Enhanced 5.5″ monitors that can be used either as a transmitter or a receiver. The Mars M1 Enhanced provides new features, including a record/playback review feature that can review up to 2 minutes of video for instant review, and it features a new low-profile capsule antenna design. As with the original M1, each Mars M1 Enhanced features a 5.5″ touchscreen display that provides a sharp resolution and 1000 cd/m² brightness for follow focus and director’s monitoring applications. Its built-in wireless transmitter and receiver allow you to send and receive video between M1 units as well as to/from the Mars 400S Pro, Mars 300 Pro, and Mars 4K wireless transmitters/receivers at a distance of up to 450′. You can also monitor video from the M1 Enhanced on smartphones and tablets running the companion HollyView app.

Each monitor supports up to DCI/UHD 4K30 video input via its HDMI input, and it features an HDMI loop output and an SDI input that supports multiple broadcast drop-frame frame rates. Multiple imaging tools are available using the built-in HollyOS firmware, including scopes, peaking, and storage of 3D LUTs on the monitor. Each can be powered using its built-in L-series battery plate or via its DC input. It also features a DC power output, so you can power your camera or other gear.

Display with Professional Color Calibration
The Mars M1 Enhanced is designed with a 5.5″ 1920 x 1080 resolution touch LCD screen with 1000 cd/m² brightness. Professional color calibration is performed during manufacturing, and multiple-level color temperature adjustments are available. The screen supports the Rec. 709 color gamut for excellent color rendition, 16:9 aspect ratio, and 16.7M natural colors.
The Mars M1 Enhanced is an all-in-one transmitter, receiver, and monitor solution that M1 can be used as either a transmitter or a receiver. As well as transmitting between two M1 units, the M1 can also transmit and receive from all Mars 300 Pro, Mars 400S Pro, and all Mars 4K models, as well as to smartphones and tablets with the HollyView app.
The Mars M1 Enhanced features HDMI input and HDMI loop output, one 3G-SDI input, as well as a 3.5mm headphone output.
Wirelessly Transmit and Receive Video
The Mars M1 Enhanced supports DCI/UHD 4K30 HDMI input and output for expanded connectivity and compatibility. The SDI provides expanded frame rate flexibility for both broadcast and production frame rate standards and compatibility through production and postproduction.
Trigger Recording and Video Playback
The Mars M1 Enhanced is engineered for automatic trigger recording and video playback. Replay your video wherever and whenever you want to ensure it is captured at its finest quality. The video recording function supports up to two minutes of recording time. 

NOTE: The recorded video cannot be exported and will be deleted when the device is turned off or when a new recording is started.

3D LUT File Import
Selectable 3D LUT presets are available to map the colors to the monitor for a consistent, high-quality effect. You can also load your own custom LUTs.
Smart Channel Scan
Smart Channel Scan enables you to find the interference-free option for a stable connection experience. The optimum channel is selected automatically upon startup.
Wireless Range
Transmission distance up to 450′.
Powered by Hollyland’s HollyOS operating system, the Mars M1 Enhanced offers a comprehensive suite of advanced monitoring tools, such as waveform, vectorscope, zebra pattern, aspect mark, anamorphic de-squeeze, crosshatch, and more. Each of these tools provides you with complete control over your image, offering an opportunity to fine-tune every shot to your specific preferences.
Power Options
The Mars M1 Enhanced supports three types of power supply: 7 to 16 VDC power input, L-series (NP-F970/750/550) battery (purchased separately), and via a D-Tap connector with a separately available power source.
App Monitoring
The Hollyview app for Android and iOS allows you to monitor your transmission on a smartphone or tablet. It allows you to transmit to apps and receivers and receive from transmitters such as the Mars 400S Pro or Mars 4K in the following configurations:

  • One Mars M1 Enhanced TX can send signals to two other Mars M1 Enhanced set in RX mode
  • One Mars M1 Enhanced TX can send signals to one other Mars M1 Enhanced set in RX mode and up to two devices running the HollyView app
  • One Mars M1 Enhanced TX can send signals to four devices running the HollyView app
  • One Mars M1 Enhanced TX can send signals to two other Hollyland Mars 400S Pro/Mars 300 Pro/Mars 4K RX units
  • One Hollyland Mars 400S Pro/Mars 300 Pro/Mars 4K TX unit can send signals to one Mars M1 Enhanced set in RX mode and up to two devices running the HollyView app
Fan Mode
The Mars M1 features a built-in fan with the choice to select Auto or Mute in the menu. Mute mode keeps the monitor working with lower fan noise without affecting video recording.



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