Aputure Amaran 36° Lens Kit for Amaran Spotlight SE


The amaran Spotlight SE 36 Degree Lens is specifically designed to be used with the brand’s Spotlight SE. This 36° interchangeable lens is ideal to achieve wider illumination for larger areas. This version includes the lens only.


The Spotlight SE is compatible with Bowens Mount point-source fixtures under 300W of output.

Featuring a universal Bowens accessory mount, the Spotlight SE is compatible with Bowens Mount point-source lights with up to 300W of power output, ranging from the amaran COB 60d S to the Aputure LS 300x, and the all-new amaran 150c and 300c full-color fixtures.

With 4 built-in metal shutters, you can quickly and precisely cut the Spotlight SE’s beam output and various angles. Additionally, you can modify the shape further with the included 15 M-size Gobos and the optional 18-Leaf Iris*, all with pinpoint accuracy.

* 18-Leaf Iris sold separately.

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– Compact Bowens Mount Projection Lens

– Transform Bowens Mount Point-Source Fixtures Into Spotlight Projectors

– 19° or 36° Lenses Available

– Includes 15 M-Sized Gobo Inserts for Unique Light Projection Shapes

– Custom Precision Optics

– Quick Focus Adjustments

– Even Edge-to-Edge Light Distribution

– Durable All-Metal Construction

– 18-Leaf Iris Accessory Sold Separately

– Compatible with Bowens Mount Point-Source Fixtures Up to 300W



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