7artisans Photoelectric Spectrum 14mm T2.9 Prime Cine Lens (L-Mount)


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Purchase this item and get 1820 Points - a worth of RM18.20
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Use this ultrawide 14mm T2.9 Spectrum Prime Cine Lens from 7artisans Photoelectric on your full-frame, L-mount camera to achieve sharp, high-quality images. A maximum aperture of T2.9 and a lens construction of 13 elements in 9 groups with 10 iris blades create a smooth, circular bokeh with minimal focus breathing. The Spectrum cine lenses maintain a consistent look and gear positions across the series, smoothing lens changes.

The 14mm prime has a 114° angle of view and 0.8 MOD cinema-style gears on the focus and iris for use with lens control systems. Focus distance and iris marks are positioned on both sides of the lens in meters and feet. An 82mm filter thread enables you to attach filters of your choosing to further customize the light quality and effects of the lens.

Full-Frame Coverage
This cine-style lens covers both full-frame and S35 camera sensors.
Ultrawide Viewing Angle
The ultrawide 14mm T2.9 Spectrum prime creates a 114° field of view that captures a broader perspective and a sense of space within your image.
Minimal Breathing
Minimal breathing enables the viewer to be immersed in the story itself.
Consistent Image Quality
The Spectrum lenses maintain a consistent image quality across the series with a balanced and unified color palette.
Fast T2.9 Aperture
A fast T2.9 maximum aperture enables you to shoot in darker environments while maintaining glare resistance and overall performance.
Wide Barrel Rotation
The 270° of barrel rotation enables smooth, precise focus pulls.
Unified Design
Gear positions and front diameters are unified across the Spectrum series, helping to save time when changing lenses on your camera rig.



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