Nanlite FS-150B Bi-Color LED Monolight


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Ideal for livestreaming and content creators, the FS-150B Bi-Color LED Monolight from Nanlite is an AC powered, bi-color LED fixture engineered to provide power and versatility at a budget-friendly price point. Designed to illuminate both small and larger areas, this fixture offers variable output to suit different needs and act as your main key, fill, or backlight. The FS-150B’s bi-color capability allows it to provide a CCT range of 2700-6500K, all while maintaining a high CRI/TLCI of 96/97, ensuring accurate color rendition.

The FS-150B is simple to use with two built-in knobs for dimming from 0 to 100% and color temperature control. If remote connection is a must, there is built-in Bluetooth capacity to allow the FS-150B to be controlled using the free NANLINK mobile app for iOS and Android. In addition, built-in 2.4 GHz provides remote wireless control by using a separately available handheld remote control or transmitter box. This LED light is ready for worldwide use via its 100 to 240 VAC power supply, simply plug the included 14.7′ power cable into an AC outlet and you’re ready to shoot.

Powerful, Even Light Output
The FS-150B emits up to 26,300 lux of 5600K daylight-balanced light at 3.3′ using the included reflector.
Bi-Color Light with Advanced Features
Adjustable Kelvin range of 2700-6500K, providing the full flexibility of bi-color output. Go from cool whites to warmer tones and everywhere in between and find the right level of illumination for your scene. It also has advanced features including maximum output mode to supply full output power, and constant output mode to maintain constant intensity across the CCT range.
Integrated Monolight with Fan Cooling
A true monolight, the FS-150B combines the control unit, power adapter, and lamp body into one compact unit. The integrated design makes it more lightweight and enables effective fan-powered heat dissipation, ensuring optimal performance and long life. Its built-in fan won’t interfere with audio recording and can be shut off when complete silence is needed.
Bowens-S Reflector Mount
By utilizing the near-universal Bowens style light modifier mount and incorporating an umbrella holder into the yoke, the FS-150B is compatible with an extensive selection of light modifiers. This selection includes, but is not limited to, Nanlite’s line of Fresnels, softboxes, and umbrellas.
12 Practical Lighting Effects
With pre-programmed customizable special effects, the FS-150B makes it easy to imitate lighting scenarios that can otherwise be tricky to recreate. Simulate 12 different lighting effects including CCT loop, INT loop, flash, pulse, storm, TV, paparazzi, candle/fire, bad bulb, fireworks, explosion, and welding.
Local and Wireless Remote Control
The FS-150B has intuitive analog controls and a built-in 1.3″ OLED display for precision control, but it can also be controlled remotely via Bluetooth with the free NANLINK app for iOS or Android. It can also be remotely controlled on a 2.4 GHz connection using the separately available WS-TB-1 transmitter or WS-RC-C2 remote control.



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