Kiloview 1TB SSD Storage Kit with Protective Shell for CUBE R1


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The 1TB SSD Storage Kit for CUBE R1 from Kiloview provides stable, reliable, and durable memory for your CUBE R1 NDI video recorder system. This media component comprises a high-capacity, industrial-grade Solid State Drive encased in a protective metal shell. Each Kiloview SSD is stress tested with the CUBE R1 to ensure stable performance.

  • Kiloview CUBE R1 NDI video recorder system.
Faster Write Speed
  • The Kiloview Storage Kit provides faster write speeds than a consumer-grade SSD once the cache is full.
Greater Write Stability
  • Kiloview testing found almost no slowdown in write speed compared to consumer drives.
Higher TBW
  • A higher TBW (total bytes written) capacity enables this SSD to perform for a longer time within your workflow.
Protective Shell
  • The Kiloview Storage Kit is protected by a solid metal shell that is designed to endure rough operating environments and accidental drops.
Wide Temperature Range
  • A wider operating temperature range enables this storage kit to perform more reliably, even in extremely hot or cold temperatures.



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