Datavideo TP-700 Large-Screen Prompter Kit for ENG Cameras


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The TP-700 Large-Screen Prompter Kit from Datavideo is a professional teleprompter designed to be controlled wirelessly by a production team instead of talent. It features a streamlined design that features a 15″ monitor with integrated dvPrompter Plus app, 70/30 beamsplitter glass, a cloth hood with frame, and a camera mounting rail, making it ideal for conferencing, government, corporate, education, and broadcast studios.

The TP-700 features a high-brightness 15″ 4:3 display that can be seen outdoors and includes a V-mount battery plate to power it anywhere ideal for outdoor or remote locations. It mounts onto a frame and the camera mounts behind the glass using a durable camera rail. Control and monitor the prompter over a local network using any device with a modern web browser, load, reload, and control scripts over a local network. It supports optional hardware controllers such as the WR-500 remote or FS-30 foot pedal.

ENG and Freestanding Configurations
The TP-700 teleprompter, can be used with ENG style cameras, where the camera is mounted directly to the teleprompter rig, or with any camera in its freestanding configuration.
Supports Talent Monitors
The TP-700 supports a talent monitor up to 19″ with VESA 75 and 100mm mounts, ideal for use with TLM-170 series monitors.
Built-In Teleprompter Application
The TP-700 features a bright 15″ 4:3 LCD screen with the powerful dvPrompter Plus application built in, so there is no need to run software on a laptop.
Easy Control and Monitoring via Ethernet
Control and monitor the prompter over a local network using any device with a modern web browser, load, reload, and control scripts over a local network.
Synchronize Multiple Units via HDMI or IP
Connect multiple TP-700s together using the HDMI input and output or use IP synchronization over Ethernet. The HDMI input also allows the 15″ LCD screen to be used as a HDMI monitor with third party software if required. The HDMI output can also be used to drive external displays.
Powerful Rich Text Editor
You can remotely change the font size, type, color, and justification on a per script basis and even use multiple different fonts within a single script. The editor also has support for embedding images and creating playlists from multiple scripts.
P2P Interview Configuration
When using two TP-700 together in a P2P (Peer to Peer) interview configuration, the interviewer and the interviewee are able to look directly into the camera lens while still seeing and looking directly at an image of each other.
Video Conferencing
Look natural on camera, the TP-700 allows you to see your guests while looking directly into the center of the camera lens. The TP-700s high brightness 15″ screen features mirroring in hardware, simply connect your VC system via HDMI and you are ready to go.
Supports PowerPoint and Keynote Slides
In addition to text-based scripts, you can now import your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation slides via the web interface; slides can be controlled using the hardware WR-500 control or the web based remote control interface. dvPrompter Plus supports seamlessly switching between text-based scripts and slides, you can even add slides and text-based scripts to a playlist. dvPrompter Plus supports mirroring slides in real time so your content is the right way around even when viewed via the mirror glass.
Optional Hardware Controllers
The TP-700 can also be controlled using the optional WR-500 handheld remote, FS-30 Foot Pedal, or any generic presentation remote with a USB receiver.
Real-Time Editing
Interrupt live broadcasts with breaking news or urgent updates by simply modifying the script via the web interface and watch it update in real time.



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