COLBOR CL220M with carrying bag & reflector

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The COLBOR 220W Daylight COB LED Video Light is part of a line of light sources ideal for film, video, vlogging, and more. The daylight-balanced light has a fixed color temperature of 5600K and a powerful output of 58,100 lux at 3.3′ with the included reflector. The light’s high CRI rating of 96 is your assurance of accurate color reproduction and allows you to capture every scene in true color. The control wheels and LED display screen offer local physical adjustment when the fixture is in proximity, but the optional CTRL1 physical controller can be used, and the COLBOR Studio app allows remote control at distances up to 492′.

The 220M daylight employs a quiet fan that kicks on when the LEDs reach a designated temperature, while its 10 built-in lighting effects, including strobe, pulsing, lightning, and TV, add realism to the scene. The COLBOR 220M comes with a carry bag for storing or taking it on location.

Ultrabright 105,000 Lux at 3.3′
With the included standard reflector, the CL220M offers powerful 105,000 lux of 5600K daylight-balanced light at 3.3′.
High Tungsten SSI and Stable 96 CRI
The lamp bead assembling technology effectively reduces the heat of lamp beads, and the double-sided coated optical glass on the surface of the beads allows the light to pass through properly. This helps keep the light bright and color accurate and, as a result, offers sustainable CRI 96 output. The 85 tungsten SSI and TM30 Rf94 and Rg102+ at 3200K together enhance the color rendition to capture every scene in true colors.
Very Compact Fixture Weighs 3.5 lb, Made of Sturdy Aluminum Alloy
Aluminum alloy is used to manufacture the fixture with surface oxidation treatment and texturing process, providing rugged reliability. The light only weighs 3.5 lb.
Two Optimal Heat Sink Solutions
The NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) thermistor and the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) control are combined to work in an intelligent mode, in which the built-in fan can monitor the COB light temperature and adjust itself to cool the fixture properly. When the fixture is overheated, a self-protection mechanism initiates to prevent accidents.
28 dB Quiet Overheat Solution
The copper heatsink-based dissipation regime runs to transport and dissipate the COB thermal energy quickly and efficiently. The upgraded FDB (Fluid Dynamic Beating) cooling fan is quieter and significantly decreases high-frequency mechanical noises. The CL220 can keep a balance between high output (220W) and low noise (28 dB at 3.3′) even when the temperature outside is high.
Universal Adaptability
The universal Bowens mount is compatible with a large selection of light modifiers such as COLBOR BP45. The standard NATO groove opens the use of a wide variety of NATO accessories and along with the included NATO expansion bar, can use many photography accessories such as stabilizers to expand the camera rig.
Multiple Power Supplies
The COLBOR CL220M uses Neutrik REAN connectors, which are gold-plated to bring power, safety, and reliability. The fixture can work with a single V-mount battery to output half of its maximum power.
10 Built-In Lighting FX
The CL220M comes with ten built-in lighting effects, such as strobe, pulsing, lightning, TV, and fire with adjustable color temperature control. The light is an ideal solution for those shooters intending to light small studios or having a live stream setup.



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