colbor cl330 Bi Color Free Stand


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The COLBOR 330W Bi-Color COB LED Video Light is part of a line of light sources ideal for film, video, photography, and more. The bi-color light has an expansive variable color range of 2700 to 6500K to meet the challenge of any ambient light scenario or to spark creativity. The light’s high CRI rating of 97 is your assurance of accurate color reproduction. The CL330 supports multiple control methods. The control wheels and LED display screen offer local physical adjustment when the fixture is in proximity. The optional CTRL1 physical controller can also be used, and the COLBOR Studio app allows remote control at distances up to 492′.

The 330W bi-color employs dual quiet fans that generate less than 30 dB (roughly equivalent to a human whisper), regardless of the ambient temperature, while its ten built-in lighting effects include fire, pulsing, TV, and lightning and add realism to the scene. The COLBOR 330W comes with a carry bag for storing or taking on location.

Adjustable Duv for Color Consistency
The red-green color compensation functions slightly adjust the Duv value (a statistically significant factor for ratings of saturation) of the CL330 and the color rendering, resulting in accurate color consistency of all lighting fixtures in the lighting design, making white-balancing in the video post-production easy.
Constant Output of Each Color
The COLBOR CL330 offers an expansive color temperature range of 2700-6500K while maintaining the same output of 330W. This removes all worries about illuminance inconsistency and allows you to focus on your production.
42mm COB LEDs for High Illumination
The COLBOR CL330 is part of a line of powerful LED lights for photography, video, and more. Unlike conventional bi-color fixtures, the CL330 can keep the same power output of 330W at any color temperature.
CRI of 97 for Accurate Color Reproduction
The CL330 outputs reliable color with a TM-30 index of Rf96/Rg103, an SSI score of 85, a CRI of 96, and a TLCI of 97. It uses double-sided coated glass to ensure high transmittance in the visible wavelength range. The front glass is also semi-tempered to protect the LEDs for long-term use.
Bowens Mount and NATO Groove for Flexible Light Control
The CL330 is compatible with a wide range of light modifiers and photography accessories. Its Bowens mount fits softboxes, (like the COLBOR BP45) diffusers and other modifiers alike to offer maximum light control. The NATO groove on each side is compatible with various NATO accessories including tripods, gimbals, etc. With the COLBOR NQD accessory, you can combine more fixtures to create the PowerCube.
Multiple Power Supplies
The COLBOR CL330 uses Neutrik REAN connectors which are gold-plated to offer power, safety, and reliability. The fixture can work with a single V-mount battery to output half of its maximum power.
10 Built-In Lighting FX
The CL330 comes with ten built-in lighting effects, such as fire, pulsing, and faulty bulb.
Physical and App Controls for Simple Adjustment
The CL330 supports multiple control methods. The control wheels and LED display screen offer physical adjustment when the fixture is in proximity, but the COLBOR Studio App and the optional CTRL1 physical controller allow for remote control. Moreover, the Mesh Networking Module and upgraded 2.4 GHz channel extend the app’s control distance to 492′.
The COLBOR EdgeMax App is used to upgrade the fixture firmware.
Two Optimal Heat Sink Solutions
The NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) thermistor and the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) control are combined to work in an intelligent mode in which the built-in fan can monitor the COB light temperature and adjust itself to cool the fixture properly. When the fixture is overheated, a self-protection mechanism initiates to prevent accidents.
Intelligent Heat Dissipation for Optimal Working Temperature
The CL330 LED studio light uses finned tubes for higher heat dissipation efficiency. Equipped with an NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) thermistor, it monitors the working temperature in real time and adjusts the fan speed accordingly. The PWM intelligent temperature control system will activate the self-protection mechanism when the CL330 is overheated to avoid accidents and extend its lifespan.
Upgraded FDB Fan for Noise-Free Recording
The dual ultra-quiet fans produce low cooling noise. The upgraded FDB (Fluid Dynamic Beating) fans feature a lower coefficient of friction. The noise level at 3.3′ is lower than 30 dB even when the CL330 works in a high-temperature environment of 95°F, ensuring noise-free video recording.
Compact Fixture Weighs 4.5 lb, Made of Sturdy Aluminum Alloy
Aluminum alloy is used to manufacture the fixture with surface oxidation treatment and texturing process, providing rugged reliability. The light only weighs 4.5 lb.



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