Blackmagic Design Cloud Store Max


Purchase this item and get 36649-56389 Points - a worth of RM366.49-RM563.89
Purchase this item and get 36649-56389 Points - a worth of RM366.49-RM563.89


Designed for film and television productions where large media files need to be shared between multiple users, the Cloud Store Max 24TB from Blackmagic Design is well-suited for post production applications. It has a capacity of 24 TB which is made up of a NVMe M.2 SSD which is preconfigured as 12 RAID 0 flash memory cards and able to handle 12K BLackmagic RAW digital cinema files. The Cloud Store Max is equipped with a single 100GbE Ethernet port and four 10GbE Ethernet ports for network access as well as a USB-C port that features a built-in network adapter. Use the HDMI and SDI outputs to monitor the status of your Cloud Store Max in real time.

Portable and Quiet Design
A rackmount design ensures the Max unit remains portable and quiet. The Max model is a full rack width with 12 flash memory cards, and 100 and 10GbE Ethernet connections. If you need to access files quickly, use the USB-C port as an alternate network connection via your personal computer. HDMI and SDI monitoring outputs provide a live graphic view of the storage status.
  • An IEC power socket is included for connecting AC power. An additional 4-pin XLR 12V DC power input is provided for redundancy.
  • The USB-C port supports Ethernet for direct connection to a computer for quick file access.
  • The 100GbE Ethernet port connects the unit to high-speed Ethernet switches. Its flexible QSFP socket allows you to use copper cables or longer optical fiber cables.
  • Four 10GbE RJ45 Ethernet ports connect high-speed computers to the Max unit. You can then create four separate edit workstations.
  • Use the SDI and HDMI output connectors to connect the Max to compatible displays and monitor the status of your Cloud Store in real time or integrate it into broadcast trucks. The HDMI port allows you to see a storage map, speed graphs, sync, active users, and power status.
Flash Memory for Multiple Users
Large parallel flash memory cores with lots of storage space allow you to have multiple users working off of your Cloud Store Max unit. The Max unit features 12 M.2 cards arranged in a RAID 0 group for high-capacity performance. This can accommodate dozens of individual users and has enough speed for HyperDeck recorders and editing workstations simultaneously.
Sync to Blackmagic Cloud
Install a local cache of media to upload to the Blackmagic Cloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive to distribute files globally. Blackmagic Cloud Store will stay in sync to save space on editing workstations and provide access within your production network.



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